These products can damage your fascia boards and roof plywood.
There are literally hundreds on products out there that just don’t work. Everybody wants to reinvent the wheel, but there is no way to do it with these cheap Do It Yourself products. The Foam Insert only works until the grit starts clogging the top of the foam. Many of these products are installed too flat and allow leaves and pine needles to build up on top permitting water to back up under your roof shingles. The fascia and roof plywood will eventually rot out from this water back up. Some gutter contractors who don’t specialize in gutter protection just buy what they offer at the supply house. This product has big holes that let pine needles into the gutter and block the downspouts. The flimsy vinyl snap in product has no integrity and will eventually drop down into the gutter from the weight of the pine needles. We take these products off homes where the owners have done their research and found the best product, Gutterglove, on the market today

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