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Stainless Steel Gutter Guards in Need

The stainless steel gutter guard has become the best-rated gutter guard design in the industry. What makes it so great? On its own, stainless steel is a durable, rust-proof material for gutter guards. By being the first in the market to include pure copper threads into the stainless steel gutter guards, Clearwater rain gutters have raised the bar. The woven-in copper threads are visible. Adding copper to the gutter guards removes organic life like moss, lichen, and algae. However, these aren’t the only factors to consider while looking for gutter guards that will last for many years.

You can match the metals in your gutter guard to the materials in your gutter by learning what those materials are. Again, from our perspective, we know that bare steel and aluminum have corrosive interaction over time. This process is called galvanic corrosion. The reaction can happen quickly for the combination of gutters and gutter guards when you consider that the screws needed to join the two systems create more exposed metal by making holes in the drain. Although it may seem complicated, everything is straightforward. But mix the metals. For example, thick gauge aluminum gutter guards are advocated for aluminum gutters, whereas stainless steel gutter guards are for steep channels. However, we do not use aluminum-based gutter or gutter guards for our clients.

Best Micro-Mesh Gutter Guards

If only there were another approach. Something that could avoid the need for gutter cleaning entirely by preventing gutters from becoming blocked in the first place. Well, there is, fortunately. Clearwater Rain Gutters offers the best micro-mesh gutter guards technology to stop clogging. So not even a pine needle gets into your gutters; only the water draining from the roof.

Anyone can claim their product will function like clear water rain gutters, but you know firsthand why our gutter guards are so effective. So you can feel confident choosing Clearwater Rain Gutters if you want top-notch performance from your gutter guards.